One of the uncertainties of life is that you never know when you will be mugged, beaten and looted, whether it is in your home, office or on the streets. At some point of time you might have visualised this scenario but have not done anything to be prepared to counter such an eventuality should it ever arise. It is therefore advisable that you always have a personal defence plan in place and that does not mean having to carry a gun always. Statistics show that a staggering number of crimes are committed round the clock and people do not have a clue on how to counter it. It is not possible for law enforcing authorities to be present everywhere. It is hence advisable that you should chalk out a strategy to protect yourself.

One advantage most victims of a sudden attack have is that they know, even if it is for milliseconds that they are going to be attacked. For example, consider this scenario. You are a trained nurse, qualified with a diploma of nursing and working night shift at a hospital. Now think of a weird guy hanging around the car park or a creep emerging from a dark alley as you are leaving for home. You will surely have a fraction of a second to counter any attack on you, provided of course you are prepared and trained for it. Even though most attacks happen when you are least expecting it, you can react quickly and save yourself from any harm if you have a strategic plan in place.

If you do find yourself in such a situation and you need to fight back, you should have a good self defence weapon with you – a weapon that is not designed to kill but to help you get out of a tight situation. However, the first point is that you should know your weapon and be fully conversant with its functioning. Small actions like quickly uncapping a pepper spray can or pressing the right button on the stun gun should all be practised regularly. You shouldn’t waste precious time rummaging in your handbag when an attack takes place.

Here are some tools that you can choose from as a non lethal form of self defence.

  • Tactical Knife – It is one of the best tools of self defence and within a range of 20 ft often more effective than a gun. The knife should have a long blade and be lightweight, yet sturdy and strong. A cheap knife will be useless when it really matters. A knife with a 3mm thick stainless steel blade is ideal, preferably with a pocket clip that makes it easy to carry. Unlike a gun you can carry a knife anywhere with you without a licence. However, some places like schools, planes, courts and Govt. Buildings are off-limits to knives. Coming back to the same example as given above, if you are a nurse undergoing training at Australian Centre of Further Education, you will not be allowed to carry a knife to class!
  • Stun gun – For sheer surprise value, the stun gun is beyond compare. However, you should be prepared and brave enough to get as near to the assailant as possible. It is also an affordable option. The LED flashlight and crackle and flash of the gun operating are enough to ward off any attacker. Additionally, the 53 million volts shock is usually enough to drop the most persistent attacker. The electrodes are sharp and can penetrate easily through thick clothes. The shock plates at the sides will prevent the mugger from snatching it from you.
  • Pepper spray – It has a deterrent value as a self defence item simply because it is easy and quick to use. It can cause severe irritation to the eyes, skin and the respiratory system. However, the chemicals in the pepper spray will not make the assailant run away like a stun gun or a knife; at the most it will only slow him down. A pepper spray is simply a diversionary form of self defence that will give you some time to get away. Buy a can that has a flip top so that it is not accidentally triggered when it is in your handbag.

These are some of the non lethal tools of self defence that you can carry with you when you step out in this big bad world!

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