We are used to hearing and seeing news of attacks on TV and the internet, but we are prone to think that it won’t happen to us. Unfortunately, no one is immune from attackers. However, the key to your safety is to be better prepared for all twists of fate. We have rounded up some useful tips that we hope you never have to use in real life.

  • Stay Calm

Most of the victims end up being robbed, assaulted or maimed because they gave in to fear. When you are afraid, you will either be slow to act or not able to act at all. So, it is vital that you keep your composure by not being afraid, it is not that easy as it sounds but you have to show the attacker that you are not afraid of him. Rather, show him that you are fierce as well, this will send a warning signal and instil some fear in him.

  • Keep Close

Whenever you are trying to defend yourself, keep close to the attacker. If you are close to them, they will find it difficult to hit you. In fact, you should cling tightly to them if possible, and you would render him harmless.

  • Get Out of Wrist Hold

If there is an instance when an attacker has got hold of your wrist, don’t struggle to pull your hand away from the attacker. Instead, stay calm and rotate your wrist so your thumb lines up with where your attacker’s thumb meets his fingers. When in this position jerk sharply by bending your arm at the elbow and you will be released from the grip.

  • Hit Where it Hurts

In order to weaken your attacker with just one or two punches or kicks, target the area of the body where it really hurts such as below the ear, groin, throat, thigh and knees. Most of the time people protect their face during the fight, so, do not attempt to hit on the face rather target the areas mentioned above.

The above mentioned are few tips for self-defence.

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